A chat about Yoga, travel, daydreaming, and heads and asses

We are ever so honored to be collaborating with Meghan Currie for over 6 years now, curating her beautiful and transformative retreats. She is our all-time favorite handstanding, motorcycle-riding, badass goddess. Meghan Currie is a mover, transformer and inspirer, a weaver of embodied medicine and, it turns out, a glorious musician as well.

In our recent chat, Meghan reveals the importance of ass-shaking for daily invigoration; her yoga on and off the mat, and what her practice and teaching mean to her:

Describe your love story with yoga?

My love story began when I was 13. I was working at a farmers market and the booth across from the one where I was working, was a beautiful older man selling meditation cassettes and books. At the time I was suffering from chronic anxiety that was debilitating, and was so attracted to this man's peace and wisdom. Everyday I was working I would go visit with him. He gave me his book and cassettes as well as the book Autobiography of a Yogi. My very first yoga book. I'm so grateful to this day for this man.

What does yoga represent to you?

Yoga represents an intelligent system of re-aligning all the dynamic layers of the human being back with Nature, Truth, the Universe. The best therapy that leads people back to themselves, empowered, grounded, healthy, wise, humbled, and awake.

What style of yoga do you teach?

Half the time I teach a powerful juicy deep strong, alignment and core focused therapeutic Vinyasa flow. The other half of the time I teach full surrender to gravity, no effort, gentle, deep, yummy yin/restorative. Both aim to integrate the dynamic layers of each individual through observation and absorption of one's experience.

Tell us about your teaching style?

I play deep and encourage individuals to realize their capacities beyond what the mind likes to assume.

Who are your (favorite) teachers?

Alive- Dr Madan Bali. Chris Chavez. Elena Brower. Deadish- Osho- Alan watts- Joseph Campbell,

What does your personal yoga practice look like (on and off the mat)?

My daily Physical personal practice is a series of disciplined sequences that push me to my threshold. Off the mat my practice is one of trying to stay awake to each moment , and in doing so, remembering that each one is a scripture engraving teachings into me through my experiences.

Which asanas would you recommend to invigorate someone's day and make them want to come back for more?

Ass over head. Especially effective if shaken. Ass or Head is the first step to happiness...

What are you grateful for today?

Magic. My guides. Intuition. Nonsensical banter that causes laughter...

How do you balance travel and teaching and learning?

Balancing travel and teaching and learning is an amazing challenge because routine becomes a new animal when in a constant transient space. One thing I do is keep a list I keep of all the things that are important for me to do everyday. This keeps me on track and in routine- even if I'm not completing the tasks at the same time everyday. Traveling, I am in a constant state of learning~ from my reactions to life's circumstances I seem to learn the most, so I don't have to travel far to have an enriched education. I travel with many books and absorb my surroundings whereever I find myself.

Airplanes are amazing for learning, study, visualizing and meditating- I fully use this time for this. Asana, I can do on any floor~ so I have developed over the years a 1-1.5 hour routine that alters a bit daily to open and tone and tune every angle of my instrument. This is so important and i'm so grateful for this.

What is your top travel tip?

Daydream while in the sky.

Your favourite destination and why?

Never one favourite. . .Old cities, ocean waters, graffiti, busy streets, ancient ruins, sleepy islands, i love them all.

Life is all so beautiful.


Photos:  Sanjin Kaštelan

Meghan Currie


I Love handstands, motorcycles, vegetables, safety pins, smells, graffiti, moss, bicycles, pigeons, dirt, dancing, beets, mustard, music, language, insects, diagrams, tractors, teaching, surprises, shaking, wisdom, nonsense, yard sales, anatomy..

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