Nurture the opening of your Chakras by pairing each of these seven classic Asanas with the following intentions.


Bathe in this openness and find peace through balance.







1. Base Chakra – Mountain Pose // Muladhara Chakra -- Tadasana

May I have roots in this earth, and be grounded on this journey, no matter where I am or what the circumstance may be.




2. Sacral Chakra – Cobra Pose // Svadhisthana Chakra -- Bhujangasana

May I feel balanced, safe, and full of life. May I feel free to express love. May I be proud of what I create.




3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Bow Pose // Manipura Chakra -- Dhanurasana

May I be true. To myself and to others. May I be motivated to do my best in all I do.




4. Heart Chakra – High lunge with shoulder opener // Anahata Chakra -- modified Chandrasana

May I love with an open heart. May I guide my heart and treat it with respect as it beats openly.




5. Throat Chakra – Fish Pose // Vishuddha Chakra -- Matsyasana

May I speak truly and really listen. May my communication with others and myself be full of compassion and understanding.




6. Third Eye Chakra – Child’s Pose // Ajna Chakra -- Balasana

May I see clearly. May I always follow my intuition and love the challenges and gifts it presents.




7. Crown Chakra – Corpse Pose // Sahasrara Chakra -- Savasana

May I know that the power to grow and nurture myself comes from within.

May I trust my own connectedness to the divine, knowing that the power within is the same as the power without.


Rachelle Hicks

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Rachelle loves details. She experiments with the small parts, the adjustments, the hidden , and changes of perspective in order to understand the whole.

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