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"...Drinking tea, green smoothies, being able to put both legs behind your head and balance on your arms doesn't necessarily make you a good yogi or a good human being."      (

   If only it were that simple, says Nina. Agreed.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (200 AD), the major yogic textbook tells us that asanas (yoga poses we do on our mat) are only a minor part of a much larger yoga practice. The Sutras provide an eight-step plan "ashtanga" for living a purposeful life, and guess what... it doesn't involve pretending to be a pretzel. In fact the '8 Limbs of Yoga' seem deceivingly easy, - we have heard this stuff before. But applying them consistently, in other words living our yoga rather than doing our yoga, makes two legs behind the head seem like a piece of cake...

Stay tuned for more on the 8 limbs...

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Meghan Currie's Bali Retreat Photos

This magical 8-day retreat in Bali was a journey of reconnecting to the wild unedited essence residing in us all. A week of movement, stillness, introspection, connection, ecstatic dance, kirtan, energy healing, aqua therapy, sauna parties, scrubs, sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, cacao & coconuts, silly jokes, laughter and tears, and forever-connections.


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