An inside look at what happens during a retreat

Retreating from our daily routine and taking the time for ourselves to reset and recharge is one of the best ways to balance out the packed and buzzing lives we lead.

It seems that the idea of a Yoga holiday appeals to increasingly more people and for a variety of reasons - from releasing stress in a quiet and meditative atmosphere, to moving back into balance, and meeting like-minded people from all over the world. Those new to the practice of Yoga are curious about the yogic lifestyle, while the established practitioners are eager to take their practice to the next level.

Above all, a Yoga retreat in a gorgeous location satisfies both a love for Yoga and a passion for travelling as well as a desire to participate in mindful and respectful tourism.

Here are some impressions from a day in the retreat-life by Sandra D. Bianco, from her recent trip to India to study with the Ashtanga Yoga master John Scott! 

Sandra is the founder of our beloved partner, Gaia Yoga Shala in Zagreb. 

Early start: 5:30am walk to the Yoga Shala Starting the day: 5:30 silent meditation and asana practice (on the way to the shala)

Daily Yoga, chanting and meditation practiceThe Ashtanga Mysore practice (32·C in the morning)


Learning the traditional Sanskrit count of the Vinyasa System is an important aspect of Ashtanga Yoga The Ashtanga Mysore practice (32·C in the morning)

Post-practice recovery: Mother Nature's energy drink- fresh coconut waterPost-practice bliss: sipping the freshly-picked coconut

Long colorful breakfasts start with potent Papaya- the ultimate detox fruitAnd then fresh, tropical fruits for breakfast


Free time: the never ending game of haggling with local sellers
Time for the beach!


Sunset meditation (or drinks) and ocean swimsTime for the beach!


Pool hangouts with new friends...Ending the day with a yogi pool party


Meghan Currie's Spain Retreat Photos

"When all was done, I felt stronger, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I felt a deep sense of connection to self and to all living things. I felt refreshed, revitalized, brighter, lighter, more whole and complete." -Sally


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