This is one of my favorite transitions!

Begin standing at the top of the mat with the feet together and the hands in prayer in front of your heart.

Inhale bring the arms up, palms touch over head.

Exhale fold forward and place the hands on the floor.

With the finger tips touching the floor inhale to lengthen the spine and look up.

Keep the air inside as you lean onto you hands, bringing the shoulders in front (beyond) your wrists. Squeeze the legs together and use your core to lift them up.

Exhale as you arrive to handstand.

Stay for as long as you can here. 

(In my case I keep the knuckles of the index finger and the middle finger slightly lifted off the ground to get better balance)

On the last exhale begin to bend the elbows back and bring the chest towards the floor to eventually land the feet on the floor in Chaturanga Dandasana (low push up position).

Inhale into upward facing dog.

Exhale bring the hips back to downward facing dog.

Stay and breathe.

On the last exhale bend the knees and look forward between your hands.

Inhale jump your hips over your head with straight legs pressing them up into handstand.

Exhale slowly bring the legs down to the floor.

Inhale lengthen the spine look up.

Exhale fold forwards.

Inhale come up to standing, exhale hands in front of your heart.

As for the breath when you press up, play with different variations – this is how it works for me but it might be different for you!

Happy practicing!


Music: Desert Dwellers


Nazareno Grisolia


Nazareno, born and raised in Uruguay, is an international Yoga teacher and co-founder of Inspiro Yoga, traveling the world offering uplifting and playful Vinyasa Flow classes and workshops at international festivals and retreats.

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