I Went on a Yoga Retreat

A Look Back on my Week in Croatia

So, I went on a yoga retreat. 

One whole week on the beautiful Croatian Island of Brač. 

Sea breeze, sun and detox.

What a cliché one might say. 

And yes, there were only women (except for the photographer). 

And yes, we had green smoothies and vegetarian food. 

And yes, we Ommmmed.

yoga retreat croatia

But besides the yoga, meditation and energetic work -which were great- retreating turned out to be so much more for me! 

Going to a retreat has been very much about meeting new people from all kinds of places, with different backgrounds and in various stages of their life, yet sharing the same intention to take a deeper look at themselves and find a new perspective.  

And in the middle of all that – I suddenly met...myself.   

And guess what, - that can be pretty tough!  

It is much easier to just swim with the current. 

Ask no questions. 

Ignore the deeper meaning. 

Simply be 'satisfied and happy'. 

yoga retreat croatia

I am not saying this is bad, I am not judging. 

Believe me, I sometimes wish I could be just like that.

But whoever out there is in charge of how I operate, wanted me 

To ask those questions.

To take that closer look. 

To dive deeper. 

Being quite the conservative, reasonable and responsible type, this urge can occasionally drive me crazy. 

But I understand that things are not only black and white.

There is more in life than plan A or plan B. 

And we don´t all fit into the same cluster. 

Thank god that we don´t.

My day at the Supersoul Yoga retreat started with a run through the pine forests, followed by a dip in the fresh Adriatic Sea, a morning smoothie and an energy ball (ok, I had more than one actually). And then of course- YOGA. 

yoga retreat croatia

The wonderful Nina Vukas guided us through daily warming, strengthening Vinyasa classes, focused on the 7 chakras. By the end of the week I really felt like everything in me connected, almost as if a ‘reset’ button was pressed.  "I Retreated", I guess. 

nina vukas yoga retreat croatia

During morning practice held on a shaded terrace with spectacular sea views, I observed the lovely chef Lana (best chef in the world!) picking fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden which she used to create the most delicious brunches and dinners.

yoga retreat croatia

The rest of my day was free for relaxing by the pool, lazying around on the beach, walks to the picturesque towns of Sutivan and Supetar, finally finishing reading my book and last week’s newspaper. And ofcourse, lots of time was spent on talks with the wonderful people I got to know. 

yoga retreat croatia

On top of that, Jo Lewins offered gorgeous REIKI sessions and massages - NO WORDS.

reiki session yoga retreat croatia

The evenings were all about calming the mind, body and spirit with relaxing sunset practice and meditation.  Our week ended with a closing ceremony (fret not, it did not involve crazy people dancing around fire).

yoga retreat croatia


We were asked to take three pieces of paper. On one paper, we were asked to note down one positive thing about the week we spent together, -something we would take with us or remember fondly. The second paper was for what we wanted to leave behind on the island, something we wanted to let go of.  And the third paper was for writing down a blessing. 

While singing mantras we threw into the fire those papers with notes on what we wanted to leave behind.

For each paper burned, each one of us received a blessing from a fellow retreater. 

When I booked this week in Croatia, I was looking forward to sun, sea and relaxation.

I didn´t even think about any special intentions. 

It was my body and my mind that brought up things. 

It felt like the body said "Hey thanks for listening, there is something I wanted to tell you for the longest time". 

yoga retreat croatia

Back home now, this piece of paper I burned feels more like an entire paper factory.

Going on a retreat for me was about giving myself the gift of deeply listening, of clearly seeing, of mindfully moving and feeling myself alive and radiant again. 

But most of all, I realize now, it was about clearing out the old and creating space for the new in my life. 


Author: Anna Hacker (https://www.allgood.yoga

What Anna says about herself:

Helplessly Optimistic and almost always in a good mood. I believe that the world is more organized than we think and that everything is just right as it is. I need yoga as a fish needs water and teaching this superpower just makes me happy. I don’t believe in strict rules and perfect poses. Yoga doesn’t end with a final exam. It’s an eternal process, an attitude. It’s about the way you treat yourself and others.

Photos: Sanjin Kastelan 



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