Memories from Balian Beach, Bali

This winter we met again at the turn of the years to sweat out the old and wring in the new – moving and breathing together in tropical paradise, guided by the muse of Meghan Currie.

The New Years retreat with Meghan has become a highlight these past years – not just for those who have journeyed repeatedly to enjoy the magic woven, but also for those joining the celebration for the first time – and somehow this week bonds us close, creating a breathing, growing familia, enriched by each additional beautiful heart that takes on the journey.

This year, we were in Bali again – and it was beautiful!

We practiced, reflected, shared and laughed together by the black sand Balian beach and watched the tropical moon rise over the new born year. Here some impressions from our time:


Meghan Currie


I Love handstands, motorcycles, vegetables, safety pins, smells, graffiti, moss, bicycles, pigeons, dirt, dancing, beets, mustard, music, language, insects, diagrams, tractors, teaching, surprises, shaking, wisdom, nonsense, yard sales, anatomy..

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