Our beautiful Nina Vukas shares her insights on how to harness the transformative power of early Spring to set intention for the months ahead. Join Nina on Croatia's magical Brac Island this June for our yearly Summer Lovin' retreat - a deeply nourishing week of practice and relaxation on the sparkling Adriatic shore.

In a couple of weeks, the Spring equinox will mark the moment when day and night are equal in length, and through the ages people have celebrated this event as the symbolic victory of light over darkness. With light comes joy and hope for the future. Light is life.

Every season brings its own qualities; winter teaches us about going inward, being still, contemplating and shedding the old; while spring is about light and lightness, stepping out and embracing the new. Plant the seeds and watch them grow, watch them take shape, watch them unfurl!

The beginning of spring is a good time to create more lightness within and without, and in order to do this I declutter, clean and detox. I have spent the last few days cleaning and decluttering my home; clearing out my wardrobe, recycling stuff I don't need, settling my bills, tying up loose ends. I spend more time in nature and try to go for a run or hike atleast once a week to sweat it out, feed my body with oxygen, cleanse my lungs, and aid my heart and circulation. I completed my end-of-winter detox day when I drink two green juices, as lunch and dinner each, accomapnied by plenty of herbal tea.  Generally, this is the time I begin to switch to more green, and lighter food.

On the mat, I use my practice to cleanse and clear out, working a lot with fire and air elements. I use fire (more core, twists, balances, challenging transitions and many connecting vinyasas) to create stability, strength, balance and heat, followed by going deep into all parts of my body to exhale the tension and create more space. Early spring is still mostly Kapha season according to Ayurveda, so I use this time for a more challenging practice before summer kicks in. It is during hot summer days when I as a Pitta, have to be careful not to create too much heat with my practice.

Clearing emotional clutter and creating lightness within is a more challenging task. Letting go of plans, desires, beliefs and ideas which belong in the past or simply don't serve my growth is not always easy. But when I set the intention to create space for something lighter, more joyful and something that will serve my truth and not feed my ego and fears, everything is easier. If I am unsure about something and need more clarity, I do a visualisation where, in much detail, I envision both situations (staying with something / someone and letting go) and observe how my body reacts to both scenarios. If the situation creates anxiety and heaviness and in letting go I find peace, I know what I need to do.

Looking ahead I feel hope and joy for this new cycle and all that lies ahead, both wonderful and challenging, and I hope you do too.

Happy spring to you all and may you blossom to your full beauty and potential!






Nina Vukas


Nina's considerable Yoga knowledge, her proven experience as a teacher, and manager of Yoga related projects, her passion for travel, and integrity with which she approaches the world, make her an essential member of the Supersoul team.

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