Reflecting on a blissful season past

As the seasons shift, we're inspired to look back at the colorful, vibrating and fullest-ever summer season, reflecting on the gifts it brought. It was a beautifully busy ride, ripe to the bursting with time spent outside, in mama nature's sun-drenched embrace, nourished by the land around us, in the precious company of Yoga lovers from all over the world. A thread throughout has been growth, the joy of doing what we love, the power of togetherness.

yoga retreat croatia


We floated into the warm season with two groups of devoted Ashtanga Yoga practitioners, one gathering in Zagreb, Croatia to study under the guidance of the incredibly inspiring Ty Landrum and the other travelling to sunny Southern Italy to retreat and eat lots of gelato with our favourite teaching couple, David Robson and Jelena Vesic

These Ashtanga Yoga teachers have an incredible energy that inspires a deeply satisfying Yoga practice and we are grateful for every opportunity to host them and support their offerings. 

ty landrum in croatia


salento yoga retreat


Italy, Salento Yoga Retreat with Meghan Currie

See more photos (by Sanjin Kastelan)

The magical Meghan Currie stole our hearts again! We steeped deeply in Meghan's potent teachings, stretching, sweating, meditating, breathing, holding sacred space for one another. A gong bath, a birthday celebration, a traditional, tribal concert, Arabic dancing, tasty Italian food (and wine!) - all of this leaving us wrung out and filled back up again, inspired and renewed. 

Join Meghan’s next European retreat in Spain 8-15 June, early birdie sign up here!

meghan currie retreat


yoga retreat supersoulyoga


Croatia, Brac Island Yoga Retreat with Nina Vukas

See more photos (by Sanjin Kastelan)

This year we doubled the magic of our beloved Summerlovin' Vinyasa Yoga retreat with Nina Vukas, - two beautiful weeks unfolded in the Adriatic sanctuary we return to yearly, nourished by the garden on site, and a beautiful community that always makes us feel at home. 

Join us next year on spectacular Brac Island, early birdie sign up here! Registration opens in Oct 2018.

yoga retreat croatia supersoulyoga

yoga retreat croatia supersoulyoga

Croatia, Dubrovnik with Janet Stone

see more photos (by Sanjin Kastelan)

July brought new brilliance to Croatia's shores: Janet Stone came to offer her teachings in a blissful week of retreat in sunny Dalmatia. There, we wove a tapestry of superb Yoga practice, time for deep connection to nature and Janet’s devoted student Sangha, enriching cultural explorations, and breathtaking views that allowed the eye to rest and relax, drinking in the beauty around us.

 yoga retreat croatia


yoga retreat croatia


yoga retreat croatia


Ibiza retreat with Carlos Romero and Jo Lewins

(more photos by Jodie DS soon!)

This week it is time to wrap up a splendid summer season in Europe, and we can't think of a better way to do it then in Ibiza with Carlos Romero & Jo Lewins at their Love Inspired retreat!


ibiza yoga retreat


May the glow of your summer stay on and the fall season re-ignite your passion for the things you love the most! As for us, we are headed to our beloved Asia, first to Nepal and then Bali for some more Yoga and sunshine!

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