Ahimsa – Find peace and offer smiles in the proximity of screaming toddlers, sneaky knees bumping the back of your chair, and transportation workers who might be having a bad day.

Satya – When travelling with a group, it’s okay to say that you want some alone time to get lost and find a secluded café to sit with your favourite book. State your needs and get that yummy dose of introversion.

Asteya – If you aren’t going to eat your inflight meal, there’s no need to accept it. Try to avoid eating one slice of potato then placing your folded napkin in the full cup of potentially edible gloop. Avoid being wasteful.

Brahmacharya – Mind your carnal light.

Aparigraha – If you lose a bag or an item along the way, just breathe and let it go. Either it will come back to you, or someone else will find it and it will be the treasure of their life!

Saucha – Take a few moments in the bathroom to wash your face, massage your shoulders, and apply some fragrant essential oils. Try giving yourself a 10-minute facial—you’ll feel totally refreshed.

Santosha – Find contentment in every aspect of your journey. Be at peace with all that happens and all that doesn’t happen. Try not to focus so much on what the next plan is that you forget to enjoy the Now. Bathe in the stillness and ride the moments of high energy.

Tapas – Be inspired! The world is huge and full of details. Let it move you.

Svadhyaya – Use the sitting time, when your body is soaring at 885 km/hr but you are sitting perfectly still in the capsule of human beings and baggage, to drop-in and reflect. Ask yourself where you’re going, what you’re doing (in the big and small scale of things) and meditate on this.

Ishvara Pranidhara – Shit happens. Surrender to the push and pull of the waves. 

Rachelle Hicks

Contributing Writer

Rachelle loves details. She experiments with the small parts, the adjustments, the hidden , and changes of perspective in order to understand the whole.

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This magical 8-day retreat in Bali was a journey of reconnecting to the wild unedited essence residing in us all. A week of movement, stillness, introspection, connection, ecstatic dance, kirtan, energy healing, aqua therapy, sauna parties, scrubs, sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, cacao & coconuts, silly jokes, laughter and tears, and forever-connections.


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