This stunning retreat was a unique opportunity to practise Ashtanga yoga in its traditional form with Philippa Asher, one of the few Certified Ashtanga teachers and advanced practitioners in the world. Philippa's international group of Ashtangis enjoyed 10 consecutive mornings of traditional guided Ashtanga self-practice, each working to deepen and further develop their asana technique and yoga practice. Every afternoon the group studied aspects of the theory, technique, history and philosophy of the Ashtanga method, as well as chanting, pranayama and meditation. Exploring the fabulous nature of Northern Goa and its glorious beaches filled the group's free time. Everyone had a wonderful retreat and were sad to leave. We're looking forward to the next one!   

Film and Photos: Mahesh Nandeesh

Philippa Asher


Philippa's dedicated passion for Ashtanga Yoga; background as a trained dancer and experience as a qualified teacher gives her a deeply intuitive and sound understanding of bodies, yoga asanas, people and how they learn.

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Meghan Currie's Bali Retreat Photos

This magical 8-day retreat in Bali was a journey of reconnecting to the wild unedited essence residing in us all. A week of movement, stillness, introspection, connection, ecstatic dance, kirtan, energy healing, aqua therapy, sauna parties, scrubs, sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, cacao & coconuts, silly jokes, laughter and tears, and forever-connections.


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