Two Steps Toward Raising your Vibe

How to be Awesome Even when You're not Feeling Awesome

Social media can create the sense that just about everyone is living a high-level success, blemish-free life. It often leaves me feeling that I should be doing something amazing with my life and talents everyday. Everyday. Like I should be 'on' all the time. I then feel a sense of hopelessness and overwhelm - a feeling of  not believing in myself to develop mastery of my crafts.

However, I can also decide to see this feeling as a useful reminder that I have a choice everyday to become more aware of my inherent greatness. The antagonistic feeling that social media might trigger - as long as I choose not to be defeated by it - can push me to secure a firm footing in self-recognition, self-appreciation, and self-value. Building a self-appreciating reality calls on me to solidify the fundamental understanding of myself as a worthy participant in the theatre of life. I'm teasing apart two skills here, which I feel are essential for our ability to be, on the one hand, consistently present, content and grateful, and on the other hand confident with our ability to thrive, blossom and rise to the challenges our heart yearns for.

Utthita Hasta Padangustasana
Consider these two steps:
1) Connect to our ability to love all that we are, and all the feels that arise as part of this wholeness. This is a constant process, a live happening that is most important of all. For genuine growth, my experience has shown me that we must start from a place of love for the self and love for one another- a deep recognition for all that is well within the world, and a deep trust and patience that we are doing worthwhile work by showing up for ourselves and others even when we are unsure of our path or our worthiness on our path. I am also suggesting that to have a solid sense of self-love, we need our sense of identity to be rooted in a healthy relationship with community.

2) Just keep swimming. To keep on keeping on and exploring what new levels of mastery or beginners mind we can attain through perserverance, even though we are unsure of what the result will be. This means both connecting to passion and allowing the flow of inspiration to gain momentum, initiating action/practice as well as  allowing dispassion by practicing healthy impartiality to the outcome even when we are putting forth effort and vulnerability in developing new skills.

It is important to differentiate these steps so that they can become a clear process in our personal system of ethics that enable us to cope with conflicting emotions when challenging times arise. When our confidence breaks and self-doubt takes hold, step by step processes can be calming and help us to habitualise more beneficial pranic patterns.

When we are able to see life from this 'positioned within community', secure and grounded, self-valuing perspective we are able to feel into our 'amazingness' no matter the scale of our actions, efforts, or role.

The last bit of support to fortify this structure is routine. We need routine methods to be reminded of our greatness- routines that welcome the divine, and the presence of the divine within us to be recognised throughout our day-to-day, so that no matter where we are in our process of becoming we can be centred in our worthiness. Or at the very least remotely in touch with it!

If this is you sometimes too, if you can relate to the conflicting emotions that arise from a crushing feeling of not enoughness, with the simultaneous desire for positive self-change then give these two skills a thought and anchor them into the way you move through your day. Take a moment to bask in any emotions that are present, let them flower and bloom wherever the localized feeling is in your body, love them fully, and then move on to see where you might like to explore forward with a healthy passion-dispassion balance in this day/week/month.

Photos: by Sanjin Kaštelan from last years Croatia Summer Lovin' retreat on Brac Island

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