I teach Yoga and I want to be extremely successful doing it. For some people that might sound weird. It sometimes seems as it's not appropriate to aim to be successful as a Yoga teacher. But why? Aren't we sharing techniques to raise awareness in the lives of our students, which leads to more awareness in general. (see Why the world needs more Yoga teachers)

After quitting my financially successful job as a management consultant and starting my full-time Yoga teacher career, or should I rather say my „path as a Yoga teacher", I was thinking a lot about the idea of "selling Yoga" and teaching Yoga as a job.

I would argue that teaching Yoga is mostly about sharing your experience and providing the benefits that a Yoga practice has. And as everything in life, teaching Yoga follows the value cycle, meaning that value is exchanged in both directions: If you provide value, you get value back - for example in the form of money. And the more value we provide, the more money you can earn by sharing Yoga.

On the other hand, if teaching Yoga is going to be just another „job" for you to make money and a living, it is a lot better to stay in a „normal" job. The money will probably be a lot better, the responsibility less. And teaching Yoga as a „job" anyway won't inspire you to push yourself into serving your Yoga community and sharing the love of the practice in the way that would be needed to thrive as a Yoga teacher.

So if you decide to embark on the journey of becoming a Yoga teacher, then fully commit yourself, share your experience whole-heartedly and passionately and use your inherent talents and acquired skills to let your students feel the benefits of a Yoga practice.

In this way you can be authentic as well as successful and earn a substantial income while living a fulfilling life!

Tom Richter

Contributing Writer.

Tom is a dedicated long-time Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, passionate Yoga teacher, inspiring Yoga business & life coach, and a plant-based whole-food & healthy-living enthusiast.

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