Wide-Legged Partner Forward-Fold

As we dream of our Bali Boost week with Lisa and Nazareno in Bali this February, we're looking foward to the playful and interactive sequencing that makes their classes a delight! These two are a dream-team, complementing each other perfectly - a combination of Lisa's soulful and fluid teaching with Nazareno's joyful and challenging flows makes for deep and immersive vinyasa experiences.

Lisa Naza

Check out this quick tutorial on one of their favorite partner poses - a wide-legged forward fold in twos that gives a nice stretch through the inner thighs, the hamstrings, hips and back. Enjoy!


Stand back to back with your partner.

Leave a little gap between your bodies (you'll understand why soon). 

Spread your legs wide and slightly point your toes inwards.

From here fold forward and place your hands on the floor.

Take a few breaths here before you start to grab hold of your partner’s arms or possibly on the outside of their shoulders.

Again take a few breaths, lean slightly forward into the balls of the feet and see if you can grab a bit further up and gently pull each other closer towards each other.

Relax into the pose, trust and have fun! 

Lisa Naza

Join us in February for more fun on the mat!

Photos: Heather Bonker

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