Cellomano plays music from the heart.

Cellist and live looping artist, he combines his classical musical training with modern elements, his perception of life and his relationship to nature, to create haunting polyphonic melodies in solo performance.

Devoted surfer, Algimiro Cesarino aka Cellomano has been sharing his music since childhood, holding space for many Yoga teachers, festivals, retreats and ceremonies.

As a recording artist, he has collaborated with numerous musicians, healers, writers and participated in countless performance projects.

Liquid, rhythmic and moving, Cellomanos music induces a meditative state and opens the listener to a receptivity thats deepens the Yoga practice, creating an ideal environment for inward journeying.

He is based in Bali since 2010, where he holds a cultural scholarship as a student of Balinese music and arts in the Indonesian Institute of Art.

Cellomano regularly accompanies Carlos Romero's Yoga classes in the Yoga Barn, Ubud, and has been creating transcedental soundscapes at our retreats with the magical Meghan Currie in Bali and Europe for the past years.

Please Email for bookings and more info! 

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