Gale Edison

Contributing Writer. Coach.

Gale’s life has always been anchored in a committed physical practice. Practicing ballet from the age of 3, and highland dancing from the age of 4 into her adulthood, she went on to study dance in university.

After exploring other career choices, her passion for movement therapies became her apparent life dharma- Committing to a life of learning and sharing empowering life practices. Gale studied hatha yoga under Meghan Currie and Sridaiva with Desi Springer and John Friend, and Yoga Tune Up’s Embodied Anatomy with Trina Altman. The most influential teacher in her practice is Dana Skoglund, her teacher who has a background in Anusara and Sridaiva yoga, as well as ayurveda. Through yoga and ayurveda Gale strives to facilitate a newfound sense of self-empowerment, self-accountability and gratitude for life in all those who practice in her community.

"If you are interested in learning more routines for physical, emotional, pranic, and spiritual well-being get in touch with me to learn about my Wild Childs program that starts on December 5th! I’m all about helping you explore new levels and layers of yourself, not from a place of lack or need for change out of ‘not enoughness’, but from a place of deep love, self-honouring and out of joy for exploration. Together we invite intentional change (rather than resisting inevitability of change) from a place of connection with self and others, with feeling a sense of support and interdependence (interplay of being able to ask for help and valued for your offerings)."





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