Rebecca Hurtrel

Contributing Writer

Hello, I’m Bec and I’m obsessed with love.

If Yoga has taught me anything, it is that we always have two choices in every situation: to act in love or to act in fear. I want love to win - every time. 

I jump out of bed every day with a big smile on my face because I believe that happiness is a choice and that by caring for ourselves, our body, mind and spirit, we can radiate the high vibes that make others happy too. From my experience, there is no better holistic self care practice than Yoga. 

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga are my preferred styles of teaching and practicing. Movement with breath to appreciate this present moment just seem to make sense to me as I believe life can and should flow with this type of liquidity. 

Yoga is more than a job, it is a life long happiness project. I am also a Neuro Occupational Therapist, a profession I adore. In any way that I can, I aspire to inspire happy, healthy, and mindful living. 

I’m a forever wanderer from Sydney, Australia however I live (for the moment) in Paris with my husband and beautiful baby boy.  I trained to become a Yoga Teacher in India and I think I left my heart there - I cant wait to go back and get it. 


INSTAGRAM: @plumeyoga 





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