Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with David Robson and Jelena Vesić



start: Oct 14, 2019
end: Oct 25, 2019


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is much more than just fancy asana. It’s not all handstands, and legs behind the head.

It’s about connecting with your breath – learning to still the mind even in the most challenging of postures. After all, as David Robson says, ‘asana without breath is just shitty gymnastics.’

Join David Robson, assisted by Jelena Vesić for a 2 week intensive in Zagreb, Croatia and explore the richness of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition.

This Intensive is designed for people who would like to deepen their knowledge on the many different aspects of Ashtanga Yoga, going beyond asana and alignment. With daily morning self-practice safely guided by David and Jelena, philosophy, theory and technique workshops for Primary and Intermediate Series, and much more, each student regardless of their experience will be able to advance their practice.

Everyone with a genuine interest in Ashtanga Yoga is welcome to join the Intensive.



David Robson


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  David Robson is the director of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto. With 100+ students each morning, he leads one of the world’s largest Mysore programs outside of India. After completing a degree…

Jelena Vesić


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After studying ballet for 16 years, Jelena made Yoga her sole focus in 2009. She has studied with her teacher, David Robson, since 2010, and is now leading the evening Mysore program at AYCT. She often…

Guests said:

"So this morning during Mysore class I did my first stand up from drop-back, and then I did it again and again.. This is barely a physical achievement for me, it's rather a mental one. For the first time in my life I felt the energy and the need to stand up for myself, to believe in me despite the thoughts, which tried to bring me down. It wasn't a fight with the gravity, it was to make peace with myself, to ask forgiveness for every time I put myself down, for every time I buried my feelings just to please others. Thank you Jelena and David,my teachers, for believing in me and giving me the trust!" EM

"For the third year in a row these two beautiful souls, amazing teachers and ashtangis, Jelena and David, visited Zagreb. Today our two week Ashtanga intensive is over. I learned a lot, sweated a lot, laughed a lot, and enjoyed immensely. Thank you Jelena and David" IJ 


Intensive Highlights

  • 10 days of Mysore style self-guided practice.
  • A weekend workshops covering the most important techincal aspects of the Ashtanga Yoga Method.
  • 4 afternoon workshops on adjustments and alignment.

For all levels, but best to have at least 6 months of regular practice.

More details will be published soon...! 


The Intensive will be held in the heart of the city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The weekend workshop will be held in Makronova, Ilica 11 to accommodate the whole group.  The morning mysore program will be held around the corner in Gaia Yoga Shala, Gunduliceva 19. 

Zagreb is well positioned in Central Europe with easy access by car, and affordable prices for bus, trains or airplane transports. There are also lots of affordable travel and accommodation options in the central area. 

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Can I book individual segments of the program?

We strongly encourage you to sign up for the whole Intensive, and benefit from daily practice with these distinguised teachers. This will without a doubt help you further develop your practice. 

Individual workshop sessions, one week Mysore, and drop-ins, will be only sold according to availability at a later date. 

Is my accommodation included?

You are responsible for finding your own accommodation. There are plenty of affordable Airbnbs in Zagreb as well as hostels and hotels in the area. Ask us if you need help! 

I just started practicing Ashtanga Yoga- can I come? 

This Intensive is open to all levels, but best if you have at least 6 months of previous Ashtanga Yoga experience.

What should I bring along? 

We recommend to bring your own Yoga mat, if you dont have one- please let us know. We also suggest to bring a bottle of water, practice towel and a notebook.


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