Ashtanga Yoga Nature Weekend Retreat in Nature



start: Feb 4, 2022
end: Feb 6, 2022


Update: SOLD OUT!

This retreat is an invitation to experience and fall (deeper) in love with the tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

The intention behind this mid-winter weekend retreat is to stoke our inner fire during the darker February days. The program offers 3 daily practices and lots of contemplation, study and discussion time about Ashtanga Yoga tradition and technique.

This weekend is also an invitation to embody the principles of Ashtanga Yoga off the mat.

The focus is on purification of the body and mind (following the Xmas festivities) with nourishing foods that cleanse and fortify the body, in support of the practice, coupled with the use of hottubs and saunas for further deeper cleanse and lots of rest.

This is a wonderful opportunity to approach Ashtanga Yoga as a healing practice which it is, and spend a weekend with Ashtangi friends in devotion to the tradition, and development of your personal "sadhana" - a dedicated time for practicing and learning about Ashtanga Yoga with little to no distraction.


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Daily Ashtanga Yoga practice.

Daily meditation, breathwork and mantra. 

Daily lectures on philosophy & asana alignment and technique


Enjoy lots of free time, as well as sauna and hot tub facilities, take time to rest and enjoy walks in nature! 


Double room shared 1800HRK

Private villa for two 1900HRK per person

Comfy sofa for one 1650HRK

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This magical 8-day retreat in Bali was a journey of reconnecting to the wild unedited essence residing in us all. A week of movement, stillness, introspection, connection, ecstatic dance, kirtan, energy healing, aqua therapy, sauna parties, scrubs, sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, cacao & coconuts, silly jokes, laughter and tears, and forever-connections.


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