We Are Vibration!



start: Aug 7, 2020
end: Aug 23, 2020


We are Vibration!

Bhakti, mantra and sound as the most direct pathway to reveal our highest potential

As we chant these sacred vibrations the resonance allows the thinking mind to become spacious and we sink into our most easeful state of being. In this way Bhakti becomes the doorway into joy. Not the kind of happiness that you feel because something good happened, just pure unconditional contentment.

Simply happy to be alive...our highest state of being.

Irene Ais and Josh Blau, the founders of OM People have poured their Bhakti hearts into creating this online training with the intention to empower you with knoweldge and tools to enrich your Yoga practice with Bhakti, Mantra & Sound.

This is a master immersion for any dedicated student or teacher of Yoga. It combines interactive video based sessions with Irene and Josh, combined with lectures, workshops, Q&A, and learning manual to help you get the most our of your learning experience. 

The course is Yoga Alliance certified for 20hrs of continuing education points for 200hr+ Yoga teachers (certificate provided on completion.)  You retain access to the online content and the full manual forever. 

This immersion is offered in 2 parts, and includes a detailed exploration of

Sound as the origin of our nature

The primordial sound of OM

The technology of mantra (the core of tantric teachings)

Using mantra to empower our practice

Yoga of the heart - Exploring Bhakti Yoga, the path of love and devotion

Mythology and the hero’s journey

The devas.  Forces of nature and our highest potential

Chanting as a path from thoughts to love

Harmonium 101


OM People

Irene & Josh

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OM People are Irene Ais and Josh Blau. Their mission is to create a community for dedicated students and teachers who are committed to embodying their practice. Irene Ais Irene is passionate about…

Course Content

What You Will Learn

Understand how to add mantra to your current asana, pranayam and meditation practice

Experience the power of Bhakti Yoga to awaken the heart including myth and deity study

Develop a home practice empowered by mantra

Learn to chant and play harmonium


10 Lectures

5 Workshops

6 Practices


5 Lectures

6 Workshops

3 Practices

Course Structure

Delivered as a virtual immersion

7th - 23rd August, 2020

( videos are pre recorded and can be accessed at your own pace )

Included Extras

2 x Zoom sessions will support questions & discussion

1st Zoom Session Sunday 16th Aug (Part 1)
2nd Zoom Session Sunday 23rd Aug (Part 2)

Facebook group to allow discussion with other participants


The Exchange:

€245 Early Birdie price until July 20, 2020

€305 Regular price per person from July 21, 2020

€215 Bonus discount if you sign up with a friend/group! Reach out to info@supersoul.yoga



How can I secure my spot?

To secure your place on the training, email through to dejana@supersoul.yoga or register on this page. 

What time will our group calls be?

Group calls will allow us to discuss the content further and will allow time for questions. Sessions will be held at the following dates and times:

Melbourne/Sydney - AEST 7:30pm, London - BST 10:30am

New York - EDT 5:30am, Madrid - CEST 11:30am

I am a Yoga beginner, is this course relevant to me?

Absolutely, this course is for all levels and open to anyone wanting to dive deeper into the practice of Mantra and Bhakti Yoga. No prior experience is necessary.

What kind of software or computer setup should I have for our online connection?
We recommend a strong wifi connection. However because the course is pre recorded you can access videos with any connection that allows you to stream videos on youtube or Netflix. You will also need to download Zoom for the group call through the link we will send you.

How do I prepare for the training?

After signing up prior to the training, we will send out all relevant information on preparation for the course.

I do not own a harmonium, is that a problem?

Not at all. All chanting in this course will not require an instrument. There will be 1 session dedicated to understanding the basics of the harmonium that you can easily follow without an instrument or can save for later if you decide to purchase one.

I do not play an instrument, is that a problem?

Absolutely not. We will teach you how to access the power and potency of these mantras without needing any instrument. Traditionally mantras were repeated without instruments.

I do not know Sanskrit, is that a problem?

Any sanskrit used in the course will be translated and the course comes with a full sanskrit Glossary for you to keep.

What if I am not confident singing?

In this course we will reveal that everybody can enjoy singing and freeing their voice. We encourage you to be curious in how that experience can shift for you with practice. You will also explore from the privacy of your own space so it is a powerful opportunity to discover the power of your voice.

How is this course set up?

We use a platform called Thinkific. When you register and pay for the course, you will receive a personalised link to access the course.

Will I get access to everything at once?

Yes, you will have access to the course all at once. We recommend working through the content in chronological order. You will then have access to the course for beyond the end of the training to ensure you complete the training and soak everything up.

How much time should I plan to spend on the course each week?

This is really up to you and how you like to learn. The course can be completed in 2 full days. The course has two parts and you will have a week to complete each part with your cohort. 

*We will also have a dedicated Facebook group set up where we will address questions and support you as you move through the content.

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