Nourish the Soul Retreat - Spring edition!



start: Mar 9, 2023
end: Mar 11, 2023


My quarterly (seasonal) weekend retreats at the sweetest Ekodrom Estate in Croatia are my favorite containers for diving into yogic practices, without holding back. We come together on Fridays, and already by Sunday we we can feel refreshed, restored and to some extent transformed from the time we first met. That shift is everything.

The premise of these weekends is that each one of us is already a treasure chest of intrinsic healing wisdom that is fully accessible with practice & intention. The retreat is packed with such practices, which guide us into the resolution within us. We gather to engage in self-care & spiritual work beyond the intellect- we come to connect and be present for one another.  We make the choice to step out of the ordinary week chores, set an intention to listen & to learn; to receive & to give.

This is a weekend of connection, intention, healing  & celebration, surrounded by the blossoming spring nature of Bukovica hills!


Dee Koprivc


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Supersoul founder. Dreamer and doer. Humbled Mama. Believer in inexplicable connections. Will live twice.    I'm always on the move. My work with UNICEF has taken me to over 20 countries. I campaigned…


Through daily dynamic Yoga practices, meditation, pranayama, and self-inquiry, Dee will guide you to the sweetest depths of your own heart. 

Warming and cleansing Vinyasa practices will wring you out, while afternoon dancing & chanting will fill your heart to the brim! Dee's classes weave the fascinating mythology of India and Yogic philosophy, helping us connect with the sacred through the different limbs of disciplining the mind, the breath, and the senses. In the afternoon we gather for a heart opening cacao ceremony to sing, to dance, to play, to share, to let go and release all that is not useful. On Sunday, we practice some more, and reflect on our process, with the vision to return home cleansed, refreshed and content. 



Twin room shared €280

Double room shared €260

Comfy sofa bed €240


Just an hour away from Zagreb, set in serene nature is our home for the weekend, the sweet retreat centre Ekodrom

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