'Flow' Retreat

Yoga Retreat with Meghan Currie, Italy, 2-9 June, 2018

“It flows through. Life does. It flows through and when it is allowed to flow in raw format, this moment now, is a surprise, a new treasure discovered. “ Meghan Currie


Join the wonderful Meghan Currie on this beautiful one-week journey devoted to uncovering the magic of the rawness of the present moment. A week of pure nectar and ambrosia, of total dedication to bliss, letting ourselves be moved, stirred, shaken and then steeping in the stillness that is always present.

Discover southern Italy’s ancient soul, combined with the exquisite wisdom of Meghan Currie’s teachings. 

Surrender ALL the Way and observe the magic unfold as you re-connect with the innermost of you. The sunlight and air are so special and life-giving during this time in Salento, tune into this golden frequency, and start your summer renewed and strong.



  • 6 morning and 6 afternoon classes with Meghan Currie
  • A magical Yoga holiday on a quiet Italian eco-farm, with organic veggie gardens, swimming pool and a spa
  • Two daily delicious and nourishing vegetarian/vegan meals
  • One complimentary SPA visit
  • Plenty of free time to relax and explore the spectacular southern Italian coast



Add more soul in your life.

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