Yoga & Connection Retreat

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start: Jun 24, 2023
end: Jul 1, 2023


This retreat is sold out! 

We are so honored to host Tish Hilyer and her group from the US in our Croatia Retreat. 

Here is what they plan to do:

We will connect with our truest deepest selves, one another, and this beautiful place with daily yoga, delicious meals, relaxation + adventures!

We will stay in Croatia's most beautiful Yoga retreat.

This stunning home is a beautiful farm estate- located in the heart of Istria, northern Croatia.

This part of Croatia is known for its gentle and mysterious ancient energy, delicious foods, nourishing supporting lands, and crystal clear Adriatic sea.

We will be close to (15-20 minute drive) the coast, charming local towns, hiking and biking trails, wineries and some of the best olive oil in the world!

For more info visit Tish Hilyer website


Tish Hilyer


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Tish has been on a beautiful journey of self exploration, self healing, and self love since beginning her yoga practice 20 years ago.  The transformations she has personally experienced inspire her to…

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