“A magical experience and a
true reawakening of the soul"


"A real rejuvenation of body and soul.”


"The best way to enter the New Year, with love and caring!"


"I met so many amazing women, who provided me with inspiration, support, growth and laughter."

- Ammi

“The retreat, yoga, food, healing sessions and on top, all you amazing people: you all brought me back to life.”

- Silvia

“It was an experience which has impacted me on so many levels, with moments so rich in culture, beauty of nature, spirituality, genuine friendships, healing, and indulgence in yoga in so many realms.”

- Kate

"Our retreat was such a success for me, because all needs were valued."


“In my memory, the week feels like the sweetest dream. Total magic.”


"Thanks to Kino MacGregor, I am truly inspired to practice Yoga every day"


Photos of the Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with David Robson and Jelena Vesic in Croatia

There are many amazing things that can be said about David and Jelena, our favourite Ashtanga Yoga teachers and dear friends, but we will let the students’ words and these photos tell the story….
enjoy the photos


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